Under the "Cats Protection" scheme, male and female cats can be neutered from just £5

In order to qualify for the subsidised neutering scheme provided by The PetCare Practice and "Cats Protection" you need to be receiving a government benefit. A list of these benefits is shown below.

If you qualify The PetCare Practice and "Cats Protection" will provide the remaining fees.

You now have to contact "Cats Protection", directly and ask for a voucher for this scheme. The number to ring is:

03 000 12 12 12


If you are in any doubt please ring us on 0161 442 8656 to discuss. You may want to contact the Cats Protection League directly.

To learn more about neutering cats follow this link.


Cats Protection Discount Neutering Scheme
Cats Protection Discount Neutering cats

If you receive a benefit from the government of some kind and you are not sure if you qualify for this scheme or not, then give us a ring - we will be happy to check for you.

0161 442 8656