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The Cost of Basic Course Puppy Injections

This course costs £ 35.00 in total.

This course of vaccinations is only suitable for puppies and dogs over 14 weeks old.

Our Basic Course, which consists of two injections, Placeholder imageis only suitble for puppies (or adults) of 14 weeks of age and over, because protection, in the form of antibodies (called passive immunity),Placeholder image given to your puppy by its mother through her first milk can interfere with Placeholder imagethe effectiveness of the vaccination. Puppies protected using this course should not be allowed out onto the streets, pavements or parks (where they may pick up infection from infected stray dogs) until at least 1 week after the final injection. If your puppy is over 14 weeks old, Placeholder imagewhen passive immunity from the mother will be lost in most puppies, this course will provide full protection within 1 week of the final injection. Revaccination, or boosters are required annually.

The Basic Course includes the following steps:

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  1. Health Examination
  2. Free Flea & Worm Treatment
  3. First Vaccination
  4. Second Vaccination
  5. Vaccination Certificate
  6. Disease Protected Against
  7. Neutering Voucher
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1. Health Examination

vet checking a dog for vaccination

A full health check is carried out by a fully qualified and experienced veterinary surgeon. Heart and lungs a checked together with mouth, teeth, ears and skin etc. Checks for developmental problems and birth defects are also carried out.

2. Free Flea & Worm Treatment

Prinovox - flea and worm treatment for cats and dogs

AdvicePlaceholder image on requirements for worm and flea treatment and a free sample of a prescription only preparation to treat worms and fleas is provided. This preparation is simply dripped onto the skin at the back of the neck.

3. First VaccinationPlaceholder image

Placeholder image

From 14 weeks old onwards,  an injection is given which will provide immunity against the  diseases shown below in section 6. This injection is given just under the skin at the back of the neck and is quite painless.

4. Second Vaccination

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Two weeks after the first injection, but no younger than 10 weeks,  a further injection, a booster injection is given which increases dramatically the immunity provided by the first injection,Placeholder image against the two Leptospiral diseases, Weil's Disease which causes liver disease and Canicola Fever which is responsible for a kidney disease.

5. Vaccination Certificate

Vaccination Certificate for puppy vaccines

We complete a Certificate of Vaccination which will be required if you want to put you pet into kennels while you go on holiday.

Your pet will be safe to go outside and mix & meet with other dogs seven days after the final vaccination injection. We recommend that your pet receives an booster vaccination at the time of the annual health check, that is, one year later.

6. Disease Protection

The diseases which this course provides protection against are as follows:

  1. Canine Distemper (also called Hardpad),

  2. Canine Parvovirus,

  3. Infectious Canine Hepatitis or Rubarth's Disease,

  4. Weil's Disease (Causes Hepatitis)

  5. Canicola Fever (Causes Kidney disease)


Neutering is the next matter that needs to be considered in the life of your puppy. We recommend that puppies are neutered when they are between 5½ to 6 months old - before their first season, in the case of females If they are neutered beofre their first season then the chances of them developing mammary tumours in later life is much reduced. In order to promote neutering at this age we include a 20% discount off the cost if neutering is carried out at this age.