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Kitten or Cat
Vaccination Course

The Standard Vaccination Course costs £55.00 in total and includes the parts described below.

There is a 10% discount for appointments on either Tuesday or Thursday.

Vet examining cat prior to vaccinations 1.
A full health check is carried out by a fully qualified and experienced veterinary surgeon. Heart and lungs a checked together with mouth, teeth, ears and skin etc.

Prinovox - flea and worm treatment for cats and dogs

Free worm and flea  treatment , which is a prescription only preparation to kill and prevent these parasites is provided. This preparation is simply dripped onto the skin at the back of the neck.

Leucaemia vaccine for kittens and cats

From seven weeks old onwards, and preferably 8 weeks, an injection is given which will provide immunity against the three diseases shown below in section 6. This injection is given just under the skin at the back of the neck and is quite painless.

Three weeks after the first injection, and no earlier than nine weeks of age, a further injection, a booster injection is given which increases dramatically the immunity provided by the first injection.

Kitten to be Vaccinated

Your pet will be safe to go outside and mix with other cats seven days after the final vaccination injection. We recommend that your pet receives an booster vaccination at the time of the annual health check, that is, one year later.

The diseases which this course provides protection against are as follows:

  • Feline Infectious Enteritis (also called panleucopaenia), - a rapidly fatal disease - potentially a sudden death syndrome.
  • Calici virus (The first of the two most serious cat flu viruses).
  • Rhinotracheitis or herpes virus (The second of the two serious cat flu viruses)

This course includes a microchip which is implanted between the shoulder blades. When an appropriate scanner is placed near the chip it reveals a number in the scanner and that number is registered to your details. If your pet gets lost and is taken to a sanctury or vet surgery it will be scanned and your contact details will be discovered.

The microchip is registered with the main database and the cost of this is included with the course.

A micro-chip and microchip implanter compared with a £1 coin for size The microchip is registered free of charge with your contact details so that your pet can be returned to you should it get lost.

Additionally, our Advanced Course also includes a vaccination to protect against Feline Leucaemia Virus, FeLV. The incidence of this virus varies and can be as high as 15% in some areas. It is also much more common in multi-cat housholds. Kittens are more susceptible than adults. Risk decreases with age but never drops to zero.

Two kittens for Leucaemia Vaccination

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Therefore kittens and any cat that may come into contact with other cats should be vaccinated against FeLV

Placeholder imageWhen the course is completed we provide you with a vaccination booklet that acts as a certificate of vaccination. If you put you cat into a cattery when you go on holiday, they will want to see this document to ensure that your pet has been vaccinated